Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bye-Bye Useless Upstair Overhang

About a month ago, we decided to stop movement towards a house addition and started movement towards a house remodel.  It is more cost effective to make this decision.  We are disappointed but we know this is the right decision for our family.

One of the first major projects is the upstairs bathroom.  The bathroom had this weird overhang that was completely useless.  On the inside, the overhang was a large tiled area in which the water would slope down.  Whenever one of us took a shower, the water would spray onto the tile area and, unless we remembered to use a squeegy wiper each time, the water sat and ended up molding out a corner.  This overhang was not one of the weird construction quirks of our home that either of us enjoyed.

When Alexander and I were in Chelan for the weekend, Eric started tearing out the wallboard and insulation in preparation for wall removal. 

Here is what it looked like from the upstairs, once Eric tore off all the siding.

Ron starts work from the inside out.

The overhang starts to disappear, board by board.

Is Eric sweeping or trying to row a boat with that broom??
While they worked in the blazing sun (it was about 90 degrees today), I was burning wood from the overhang in a blazing fire!

Alexander couldn't wait to get in on the action.

Until he touched fiberglass insulation with fingers, transferred it to his eyes, and had enough of construction for the day.
He's a pretty cute construction guy, though.

He decided he would rather sit in the shade with Umma and watch.
Can't say I blame them; today was a scorcher! 

A few more hours pass by and...

No more overhang!!

The two soon got to work on framing the new wall

I spent my time cleaning the decks and trying to organize the mess that had been made.
I don't think I was very successful!

The final nailing of the plywood and the guys were done for the day.

Eric and I spent the rest of the afternoon burning more of the smaller pieces but we'll still need to take most of it to the dump this week.

All that remains is ordering a window, putting on the siding and getting new gutters.  I think we're planning on a new roof too but I am not exactly sure of that timeline.

Today was a good day.

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